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 New Projects:

Bullet Process Design and Optimization

Bullet Control System Philosophy and The Selection of Key Hardware

Bullet Selection of Key Design Features and Decision on the Key Parameters

Bullet Selection of Key Mechanical Equipment Packages

Bullet Project Codes, Standards and Criteria

 Detailed Plan for Project Execution

 Design Base Manuals

 Bid Documents for Tendering EPC Contractor and Equipment Packages

Ammonia F/E MatBal

Figure 3. A typical material balance for the front end of an ammonia plant (~940 MTPD).
Please refer to Figure 2 for a typical 1100 MTPD block flow diagram for an ammonia and urea complex.

Bullet Methanol & Ammonia Retrofit Projects:

CEC's experience base in methanol and ammonia plant design, engineering and operations enables the company to undertake
complex retrofit projects. The following is a typical list of these services:

 Methanol and Ammonia Converter Upgrade

 CO2 Recovery from Reformer Flue Gas

 Pre-reforming of the Reformer Process Gas Feed

 Incorporating Process Gas Saturator

 Reformer Debottlenecking Studies and Recommendations

 Debottlenecking Studies for Distillation and Recommendations

  Debottlenecking Rotating Equipment and Peripherals

 Plant Capacity Upgradation and Performance Testing

 Plant Optimization Studies, Theoretical and Operational

 S/C Ratio Optimization

 Fugitive Methanol Emissions and Spillage from Distillation

 Integration of a Turboexpander

 Partial Oxidation Combined with a Purge Gas Turboexpander

 Ultra Low NOx Burners for Reformers

 Zero Liquid Effluent Discharge

 Interlock Trip System Logic Review, Improvements and Hardware Assessment

 Methanol Production from a New Reactor Installed on the Purge Stream

 Procedures for Monitoring the Age of Plant Equipment

 Reformer Remaining Tube Life Assessment

 Assessment of Plant Operations, Operability and Reliability Studies

 Catalyst Activity Evaluation and Recommendations.

Bullet Safety and Reliability Studies:

Bullet Safety-in-Design

Bullet RAM Analysis

Bullet PHA and HAZOP Studies

Bullet Operability Studies

Bullet Criticality Analysis

Bullet Kepner Tregoe Decision Analysis

Bullet HSE Reviews and Analysis Including Workplace Exposure Limits. Refer to EU exposure limits as typical

Bullet Plot Plan Reviews and Operability Studies

Bullet Early Project Deliverables:

Bullet Firewater Requirements and Firewater System Design

Bullet Pipeline Pressure Surge and Waterhammer Analysis

Bullet Drainage Requirements, Ponds, Tailings, Winterization, etc.

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