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Engineering Unit Conversions

Complimentary Engineering Conversion Tables by CEC

Process Engineering On-line Tools

Cheresources.com ; Tierling Site ; Google Play - Android Apps
Engineering ToolBox ; Engineering Page ; Process Engineering Associates

On-line Process Hydraulics Tools

LMNO Engineering

Refining and Upgrading Links

UOP Corporation Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada

Canadian Heavy Oil Association


Country Energy Profiles

EIA Country Energy Data and Statistical Analysis

Frequently Updated Methanol Prices

Methanex Corporation

Physical Properties of Methanol

Methanol Properties - a section of CEC's web site

Methanol MSDS

Material Safety Data Sheet for Methanol: M2015

Methanol Information

American Methanol Institute

Specialty Chemicals

Ashland Chemicals

Energy Issues & Publications

California Energy Commission ; DOE Home Page

Weekly Gas Price Trend

Weekly N.Gas Prices, NYMEX

Drilling Activity & O&G News

JWN Rig Count, O&G News, Province/Canada

Daily Energy News and Prices

Enerfax Daily N. Gas and Power Prices and Indexes(US); Daily Oil Bulletin

Energy Research Institutes

Canadian Energy Research Institute-CERI ; Alberta Innovates

Energy Services, U. S.

PG&E ; Duke Energy ; Petroleum and Other Liquids

Energy Services, Canada

TransCanada ; EnCana ; Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. ; Seven Generations Energy ; TransAlta ; Enbridge ; Cenovus

Regulatory Services, Alberta

Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board ; Department of Energy, Alberta ; Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act

Regulatory Services, Canada

NEB, National Energy Board

Chemicals and Fertilizers

Nova Chemicals ; Celanese ; Agrium ; PCS, Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan ; Mosaic Corporation ; Cargill ; Agrico Canada ; CF Industries ; JR Simplot

Oilsands Companies

Syncrude ; Suncor ; Shell ; Northwest Refining ; Nexen; Cenovus; Exxon Mobil ; ESSO ; Total Canada ; Value Creation ; Oil Sands Quest Inc

Alberta Oilsands Industry

Alberta Oilsands Links

Alberta Oilsands Watch

Pembina Institute ; SAGD Report Card ; Upgrading in Alberta vs. Pipeline

Engineering Standards

American Petroleum Institute (API) ; ASTM Institute ;ASME Codes ; Alberta Boilers Safety Association ; CSA Codes ; Fire Protection (NFPA)

Technical Publication Source


Fuel Cells

Ballard Power~Hydrogen ; Fuel Cells Canada ; Hydrogenics ; H2 Fuel Cells Inst; Plug Power LLC ; Argonne NL ; Methanol Institute ; CARB ; Jet Propulsion Lab ; DoD ; EERE Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Connections

National Hydrogen Associations' Links

Recent Publications

A list of POX & Oxidative Coupling Papers

Feedstock&Crude Oil Price Info.

Chemical Week ;

Responsible Care

Canadian Chemical Producer's Association

On-line Resources

Basic Thermodynamics ; Schwarzer ChEng Links, Some On-line Tools ; AspenTech

On-line Metric Conversion Tables

Metric Conversion Tables for Engineering Units

Material Selection Resources - Corrosion Resistance

NACE ; Ben Meadows ; Pumprite Chemical Resistance Chart ; Deeter Corrosion Resistance Chart

Patent Search On-line Services

Free Patent Online- General Search ; Free Patent Online-Chemical Search

International Statistics on NPK Fertilizers

International Fertilizer Industry Association ; International Fertilizer Development Center

About Fertilizer Canada

Canadian Fertilizer Research

Fertilizer Market Information, Prices


FAQ about Fertilizers

Safe Application of Fertilizers-FAQ ; Mosaic Agronomy Resources ; Green FAQ - The Fertilizer Institute

Sulfur Expertise

Sulfur Experts - Technical Services ; Angela Slaven at Universulfur

Oil Sands R&D Network


Agricultural and Fertilizer Links

Technology Provider & EPC Contractor

Kellogg Brown & Root, Halliburton; Topsoe ; KTI Technip ; Technip ; Johnson Matthey

Plant Safety

The Process Safety & Reliability Group, Inc.

Properties of Ammonia

NH3 Properties from the Eng ToolBox

For LNG Connection (Stranded Gas)

Stratas Advisors ; Connect LNG Norway; Canaport LNG ; Chiyoda LNG ; Exxon LNG ; RasGas

Engineering Education Guidance

Chemical and Other Engineering Degree Guidance

Alberta Business Index

Business Listings

Alberta Boilers Safety Association

Alberta Boiler Branch

Professional Affiliation


Chemical Engineering Links

Chem Eng Web Library ; List of Upcoming Chem Eng Meetings ; APEGA Events

Permit Information

Alumni Affiliation

Aston University, England

Calgary Information

Visiting Calgary

Human Rights Links

Our World Publications

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